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Cuticle Nail Nipper

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Mini Hangnail Squeeze & Snip Nipper

Model No. : BNP0037

We are professional in manufacturing all kinds of nippers such as stainless steel nipper manicure nipper cuticle nipper professional nipper cuticle nail nipper Mini Snip Nipper Mini Hangnail Nipper Squeeze Snip Nipper and so on Among our customers...

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  • The Stainless Steel Cuticle Nipper 1/2 Jaw allows pain-free clipping of cuticles - without tearing or snaging
  • The 1/2 Jaw Cuticle Nipper's Rockhard construction is sturdy and long lasting
  • Expert Tip: Push back cuticles using a manicure stick or the Pushy and Nail Cleaner, and carefully trim excess skin
  • Made of stainless steel; durable and easy to clean

Cuticle Nail Nipper